Thermagic Fractional RF machine

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Thermagic Fractional RF machine


The thermagic uses a mono-polar technology to form a focal plane through a radio frequency electric field. It penetrates deep into the dermis layer at a depth of about 2.6-3mm. The capillary that recovers the signal mistakenly believes that the tissue is injured and sends a help signal. A large amount of Collagen is produced to repair, and collagen molecules are gradually combined into ordered collagen to achieve skin firming and reduce skin wrinkles.

This machine is the latest version, and it also uses radiofrequency energy to heat the skin from the inside out. By evenly transferring energy to the deep surface of the skin, the skin layer that produces collagen is heated, so that the existing collagen becomes smooth and new collagen is produced.


1. Anti-wrinkle, firming the skin, improving wrinkles, and lifting.

2. Rapidly improve the dull and lusterless symptoms, enhance dry skin and sallow complexions, brighten the skin and make it more tender.

3. Actively promote facial lymph circulation, solve the problem of skin edema.

4. Lifting and tightening the skin, effetely solving the problem of facial sagging, shaping the delicate face, repairing stretch marks.

5. Removing the black rim of the eye, eye bags, and wrinkles around the eye.

6. Shrinking the pores, repairing blain scar, calming the skin.


1. Remove all kinds of wrinkles;

2. For loose skin, it can effetely tighten the skin;

3. the skin is more elastic, more delicate;

4. Long-term effect to keep the skin young;

5. Through high-frequency radio wave treatment can replace the high-end non-surgical operation of surgical peeling;

6. At the same time, solve the there age problems of sagging, sagging, and wrinkles;

7.No surgery, no injection, efficient and safe, follow-up;


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