professional 10 in 1 hydra microdermabrasion h2o2 facial machine RF Bubble deep cleaning facial skin pores

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10 in 1 Multifunctional Hydra Bubble Skin Beauty Machine

Product Parameter
Product name
Multifunctional professional spa hydro dermabrasion oxygen jet 10 in 1 hydra microdermabrasion h2o2 facial machine with fascial massage
Model number
Hydra dermabrasion+ ultrasound + bipole RF+ vibration + Oxygen spray + Cold hammer
Handle quantity
10 PCS
8-inch touch screen
110V-220V/ 50Hz-60Hz
ABS+ Metal
Package size
package weight

Working Principle

With 10 different working handles, this 10 in 1 multifunctional skin beauty machine combines several technologies, such as hydra dermabrasion, ultrasound, radio frequency, vibration, oxygen spray, and cold hammer. Hydra dermabrasion gently exfoliates and refreshes the skin, while ultrasound boosts collagen production for firmness and absorption. RF tightens and improves skin texture, and vibration relaxes facial muscles. Oxygen spray revitalizes and hydrates, and the cold hammer soothes and closes pores. Address a range of skin concerns and achieve a flawless, radiant complexion with this all-in-one beauty marvel!

Product Structure

Product Features

1. 10 different operation handles—more handles than 6-in-1 small bubble machine with      different technologies to offer a comprehensive facial clean and care
2. 2 powerful import filters—capture the most impurities, pollutants, and debris from          the environment, providing your skin with the ultimate protection and care.
3. Touch screen control—for simple and convenient parameter setting and operation
4. Skin care for a full face—can treat eye area, forehead, nasal wings, cheeks, and neck
5. Customized treatment—personalize your skincare regimen with versatile operating          handles

Main Functions

Deep cleaning Skin hydration Pore cleaning& shrinking Skin lifting& tightening Wrinkle removal Blackhead & dead skin removal Enhance skin elasticity Skin brightening Serum conduction

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