755nm/1064nm/808nm diode laser hair removal machine

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 Wavelength 808nm
Laser Power 100W
Laser Type Diode laser
Seal mode energy 1-200 J/cm²
Sliding mode energy 15-30 J/cm²
Spot size 10*15mm
Laser Cooling Method Air cooling + water cooling
Input power AC 110V/220V 50 Hz/60 Hz
Frequency 1-10hz


808 Diode Laser Machine

- 100w High power diode laser with nice cooling technology, for hair removal with painless.
- Diode laser enable the light to penetrate deeper into skin and safer than other laser. because it can avoid the melanin pigment int he skin's epidermis, we can use it for the permanent hair removal of all color hairs on all 6 kinds skin types.
- Suitable for any unwanted hair on areas like face,arms,armpits,chest,back,bikini,legs.It also have the skin renewing.
- Frequency 1-10hz.treament fastly Machine for fastand permanent hair removal Painless.

808 Laser Bar

• Imported movement and accessories from Germany.
• High pulse energy (maximum 100J/cm2), longer lasting treatment effect.
• Excellent skin cooling (-5℃-5℃ real freezing point cooling).
• The life of the laser is more than 20 million times.
• All weather operation, can work in extremely cold, extremely hot, extremely wet environment (-25C~+45C, RH100%).
• High comfort, no pain, no side effects.

808 Operating Screen

• 14.0 inch screen multi-language system.
• Easy to operateproviding operation skills and teaching services.
• Free logo and language can be customized on the screen.
• You can customize your exclusive logo screen according to your needs.
Any possible problems, machine will stop working and the problems will be showed on the screen.
The machine will not work without filling up water by self—protecting system,that avoids the possibility of handle burning out.

808 Remove Hair Fast

• Lip Hair About 1 min
• Armpit Hair About 2 min
• Bikini Hair About 2 min
• Arm Hair About 3 min
• Lag Hair About 10 min
• LIMO LENS | Uniform Light spot | More effective

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